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Save time and money when you go dry. Get back an average of 1-2 hours per day.
No water prep, 99.5% of dust eliminated and fast precise cuts.

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iQ Power Tools is the innovative solution
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iQ Power Saws require no water to cut. This is a #drysaw system that eliminates the need for water, plastic drops and timely setups. Traditional dry cutting creates a mess. All iQ Power saws utilize a powerful cyclonic vacuum system to absorb 99.5% of the dust created. When the jobs finished no need for lengthy clean ups. 

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The iQ Factor

• All iQ Power Saws use no water
• All iQ Power Saws collect 99.5% of the
    dust created
• Easy Clean Up, Easy Setup
• Designed to travel and speed up your workflow
• Approved by the American Lung Association as
    the saw of choice for it's dust free capabilities

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What Material Do You Cut?

iQ Power Saws can handle just about any type of tile, ceramic, stone, marble, concrete or brick material. We offer a variety of diamond edged blades with a proprietary Q-Drive system to ensure fast and clean cuts.  

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iQ Power Tools is the saw of choice for companies who care about their workers lung health. 

iQ Power Tools continues its support of silicosis awareness, helping to educate the approximately 2.3 million U.S. workers who are exposed to silica in the workplace. Complications from silicosis can include tuberculosis, lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, autoimmune disorders and kidney disease. There is no cure for silicosis, but treatment is available, and employers and workers can take steps to prevent it. 

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iQ Power Tools Include
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+ World Class Customer Service

Safe & Virtually Silica Free

99.5% Dust-Free Cuts 

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Save Your Water, Save Your Dollars

Save hundreds per job without using water

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Choose Your Award Winning iQ Power Tools Saw 

All iQ Power Tools saws feature a no water needed system with a built-in cyclonic vacuum to ensure a clean workspace with no prep work or messy clean up at the end of a job.


iQ Power Tool Saw Blades Use a proprietary Q-Drive mounting system to ensure our drysaw system is the most efficient as possible when cutting thin to thick pieces of material.